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August 26, 2014

O-Week Day 2 

(O-Fest, Free September Metro Passes and Capture the Flag)

The day started off bright and early with our O-Week breakfast club serving up their delicious pancakes, while the rest of the crew continued handing out free goodies to all the freshmen.

At around 1pm, we kicked off the O-Week Carnival to welcome class of 2018 with a BANG! We had a fun variety of activities… including rock climbing, a wrecking ball and an inflatable jousting arena. YUP.

If freshmen were not challenging each other in the jousting arena, they were checking out different clubs and student organizations at their booths.

RSU launched a series of contests, including the #UnionisPower on Facebook and #HiddenMetroRSU on Twitter. The #UnionisPower contest requires students to answer trivia questions about different RSU campaigns and successes, as well as information about the organization at large. Inspired by #HiddenCashTO, the #HiddenMetroRSU is a contest with the same values, but instead of cash, the winner is the owner of a brand-spanking new adult September Metro Pass! After hours of clue dropping, a lucky Ram finally found the Metro Pass hidden in the shelves of the ever so busy Used Book Store! We’ve got two more to give away this week, so stay tuned commuters!


The bookstore was not the only busy place on campus today, Pitman Hall and the International Living Learning Centre (ILLC) residences were buzzing with new rams preparing for the next gigantic event: Glow-in-the-dark Capture the Flag.

With energy from over 450 people in attendance, capture the flag LIT up the city. Literally. We split up into four teams: Purple, Green, Gold and Red Team, and after over an hour of tense defence and offense, Team Gold ended up taking the title! Pictures below.